Spaghetti dinner

Eve requested spaghetti for dinner recently. In fact, she decided she remembered it is her favorite dinner and really, really wants it for her birthday.  I decided maybe we should have it again and tonight was the night!  Eve cooked the pasta and helped prepare the salad.  It came out soooo good!


This makes me really happy.


My tofu balls came out perfect!!!


The obligatory dinner shot.


Eve practicing her slurping.



I don’t normally enjoy cooking dinner, but with Eve by my side it is much more fun.  And when she eats the meal too it makes it all worth the effort!

3 thoughts on “Spaghetti dinner

  1. yumm yummm yummm.
    I love your little home. I feel soo happy when I am there. and almost just as happy reading about it. you guys are great!

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