It’s the first day of school today!

The kiddos went back to school today! I had to wake their sleepy heads up, of course, and rally them for the day. They have actually been sleeping late (sometimes all the way to 7am!) the past few weeks. Eventually they came down and the morning went well. Although Alan will be dropping them off in the mornings, I wanted to drop them off this first day so I could see the classrooms, meet the teachers, say hi to all my friends, etc.

Eve decided to do her hair this morning, which involved spraying the top with water and slicking it back. I tried to get her to spray all of it so we could make nice curls, but she insisted just the top to slick it back. I hoped it would dry before picture time, but of course she re-applied at the last minute, in her opinion making it look perfect for the pictures. Of course. Also, she had Nutella for breakfast and managed to get it all over her shoulders and dress. So her 1st day of school pictures have slicked hair and dirty clothes. When we got to school I noticed she had dried milk on her face too! Sigh.




The real excitement came as we were outside taking pictures, already running a bit late. Alan came out to help move everything along, Eve was feeling hurried and therefore put on the brakes, and Lex suddenly yells, “Daisy is in the garage!” Oh no!! Daisy came darting out of the garage and down the drive way. Alan moved to get her but she wanted no part of that. I was trying to take Eve’s picture and then had to find somewhere safe to put down my camera and the big picture frame. Eve and Lex were near tears. Chaos ensued. We chased her around the house for a bit, alternating between trying to dart and grab her, and just calmly call her name. I kept looking at my watch and thinking “we’re late, we’re really late,” and Daisy zoomed on! I ran in to get her some food (tempt her, maybe?) and somehow she made her way back into the garage and Eve shut it. The mudroom door was open and as I came into the mudroom from the kitchen, Daisy darted in from the garage. We met in the middle. I tried to comfort her, but she was cold and wet and shaking, and she made a bee-line for the kitchen door, patting it with her paw until I opened it and let her in. Whew!

Once we knew she was safe inside we left for school. The whole thing only took about five minutes, but it felt like much longer! We were a bit late for school, but seeing as it was the first day no one was too concerned. The kids were both the last ones in their rooms, but they had a fun story to tell. We were actually a bit later because Eve wanted to stop and tell the story to everyone we met along the way.

I dropped them at school and went to the Montessori school for my first official in-service day. All went well. We had a staff meeting, classroom set up, met a new student, etc. Then I came home, tried to finish my CPR/First-Aid online training as fast as I could while also multi-tasking on snack and bread making.

As the time drew near I started looking out the window for the bus. It was late, and then later. About 15 minutes after it’s expected arrival time I saw it come from the wrong direction, pull into our street, and the kids got off. Hmm…. that was unexpected! Turns out it was just running late (not unusual for the first day of school) and the driver missed their stop! Fortunately they were paying attention and spoke up! He turned around at the next road and brought them back. Whew!

They LOVED school! Both were bursting with stories and excitement and super happy to tell me that I had to do homework tonight! Paper work in duplicate. Good times. We had a nice snack then I ignored them for the rest of the afternoon as I finished up my CPR course. Alan came home at dinner time and I headed out for the in-person practice part of the training. Now that is done, I’ve successfully passed, the kids are happy and in bed, and it’s time for a glass of wine and laundry! Good times. :)

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