School starts tomorrow

Tomorrow is the first day of school. Second grade, fourth grade, and Montessori for the momma. The funny thing is, we all feel pretty “meh” about the whole thing. In the past we’ve had countdowns and excitement (sort of), but this year it is creeping up quietly. I was telling Rosy this morning that we could almost miss the first day. We’d probably be well into the day before the kids even think about it. Fortunately for all of us I’m on top of things and we won’t miss it! I was talking to them in bed tonight and Lex mustered some excitement, but Eve was pretty indifferent. :) Luckily I’m confident the day will go well from start to finish and everyone will have fun. That’s more than I could say in past years. We went to the playground yesterday with Rose and Lex wanted us to play four square with him the whole time. When we’d had enough he asked if we would play kick ball or tag. Eve suggested playing “baby mountain lions,” an imaginary games she plays with her friends. Lex was not interested. I think he’s ready to be with his boy friends again, running and playing.

I have a busy day myself tomorrow. I’m dropping the kids off (because I can’t stand not seeing them off on the first day, seeing their classrooms, and saying hi to their teachers), then I’m off to the Montessori school for my first official “in-service” day. We have a staff meeting, a home visit, and a student coming for a school visit. Plus classroom setup, of course. Then home to meet the kids off the bus. In the evening I have to go to the hospital for a CPR/First Aid certification class. Because Montessori students are as young as 3yrs old the school is technically classified as a childcare (not educational) facility and therefore has to abide by childcare licensing laws. CPR/First Aid certification being one of them. I’ll also have to take a number of hours of child development classes, which are the same things I was doing when I ran my daycare. Like old times. :)

I’ll try to post again tomorrow with first day of school photos and updates.

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