My 20th High School Reunion (aka: feeling old this weekend)

So much to blog about and so little time!  I have a few minutes so here’s a quick update!

This weekend was my 20th high school reunion.  In true small-town style we held it at the local lake with kids and families.  It was fun.  Of course, with that came a trip to the ol’ homestead. I took sporadic photos this trip, so here’s a sampling of our weekend.

The kids discovered AWESOME new Lego sets waiting for them when we arrived. They were psyched.


Thanks Mema!

Saturday morning we went out to breakfast at a new café in town.  It was delicious, and they had a lovely outdoor area.  We ate inside because it was a chilly morning, but Eve and Grandpa Tom enjoyed the patio after breakfast.


Grandpa Tom and Eve enjoying a quiet moment.

My reunion was a the lake and I took only a few pictures, all of Eve.  There are plenty of pics from others on Facebook, so if you care enough you can find them there.  Otherwise just imagine a dozen or so FCS grads 20 years later.  Family, kids, BBQ, etc.  Good times all around.  Eve made fast friends with the daughter of one of my old high school friends.  It’s like these two were cut from the same cloth.  A wild and wonderful cloth!  At one point in the day her friend asks me, “So, are you her aunt or her grandma?”  Nothing like a candid 5yr old to make you feel old… er, as I was already there to celebrate 20yrs out of high school!  Sheesh!

eve p1

Wild Child and her new BFF

eve p2

Sandy girl

Lex had some fun at the lake, but mostly was eager to get home to finish his Lego building.  He didn’t hit it off with any of the kids there (the only other boys there were babies and teens) and didn’t get much playtime with Eve since she was off with her BFF.  He did a great job of being sweet and patient all day though.


Lex made a movie of his train.

The next morning (today!) Alan and I headed home and left the kids with Mema and Grandpa Tom!  Eeek!  Lex took a little convincing, but finally decided it would be a good idea.  I think I was the only one crying when we left!  I have a conference in Boston for the next two days, then I’ll drive back to pick the kiddos up.  I’m sure they will have a blast!  Hopefully the grown-ups all survive. :)

eve p3

Watching the ants on a chilly morning.


Good bye, good bye!

After this conference and trip I think I will be home with no plans for more than two days in a row and hopefully find some time to relax, restore, and catch up on the blog!  :)


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