Awesome day

We had a great day today. Great for my social self!  The kids had karate camp in the morning  and I really had nothing to do, so I puttered and checked Facebook and whiled away the morning. :-)  Then I picked up the kids and we went to a free kids concert in the park.  We had plans to meet other friends and ended up being a group of six mommas and eleven kids. No one paid attention to the concert!  The mommas chatted and chased kids, the kids ran around and climbed trees, and everyone had a blast! 


Eve and her BFF

After the concert we all went to the pool. It was a little too cool for me to swim but the kids loved it.  I was too busy hanging out to take pictures!

We had to leave at three to pick up two kiddos I’ve been babysitting this week.  On the way home I stopped for ice cream with four very excited children!  I was a little nervous about what to expect from four over-tired, ice creamed up kids, but when we got home they all plopped down and played with Legos.  Eve spent some time in the bathroom combing her dolls hair and singing to herself.  A sweet self-imposed break from the others.  Then we even had a great night, no fights, no fusses, all happy and fun.

Happy summer vacation. Happiness is.

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