Arizona trip (final day and heading home)

This last vacation post will be quick one.  The last full day we were there was a quiet one.  We took it slow in the morning… maybe did something else that I’m forgetting at the moment… then went to Amy’s house for the afternoon.  We swam and ate and had fun.  Alan and Ian bonded over World Cup soccer while Amy and I discussed daycares and family planning.  You know, the usual stuff.  Lex discovered their X-Box Knect and played some fun racing games.  We had pizza for dinner.  It was a great final day in Arizona!


We had fun with this little guy. Where’s the toy?


Eve regressed to her baby self. :)


Andrew loved Eve’s glasses. She thought it was hysterical that he kept pulling them off. :)


There’s the noodle pony picture I was looking for!

eve pool

This was a total snapshot that ended up looking really cool!


Lex was feeling a little grumpy (not enough sleeping, perhaps?!) but cheered right up when he discovered they have an X-Box.

Monday finally arrived and with it came goodbyes and long flights.

eve animals 1

All the animals say good bye.

eve animals 2

Eve said the animals (Dolphy, Bamboo, and Jeesis) were all very sad to be leaving Arizona.

Long flights on a plane that had seat back screens!  Movies, TV, music, games, and more!  Alan watched TV, the kids played games, and I did enrichment activities!  Ha!  I played Bejeweled and read magazines while my kids were glued to the screen!  It was a great flight! :)

eve screen

Ooohhh… screens on the seat back = happy children!

lex screen

He sat upright in his seat for three hours playing games on the screen, and he was one happy flier!


This is my favorite part. Years ago when I flew to Europe they had one of these and I loved watching our path. This is the first plane I’ve been on since that had one. I wish all planes did!

crop circles

What’s with the crazy circle fields below?!

We made it safely home.  Our flight arrived around 111:30pm.  The kids and I waited for baggage (which went awesome and smooth this entire trip!) while Alan hiked to long-term parking to get our car.  He’s a good man.  Then we made a stop at McD’s for a late-night snack that we all regretted and headed home!  It was very late when we finally rolled into our garage, but everyone was safe and happy.  We are an awesome traveling family!  We’d be a globe-trotting family if only it weren’t so darn expensive!

Up next… a vacation in Franklin!  Blog post coming soon! :)

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  1. The circle fields are that way because the irrigation is done by sprayers on booms mounted on wheels which pivot around the center/source of water. :-) See you in a few days. :-) Yea!!

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