Arizona trip (Sedona and the Grand Canyon)

We decided to extend our vacation through the weekend so we could go to the Grand Canyon together as a family, once Alan’s training was complete.  Every time we mentioned the trip to an Arizona local they said, “Oh, you have to go to Sedona too!”  Well, ok.  We left bright and early Saturday morning with the intent to drive the four hour drive to the Grand Canyon via Sedona (making it more like a five hour drive), stopping for lunch somewhere along the way.



more cacti

More cacti. It was everywhere and we took a lot of pictures, but I won’t bore you with them all. :)

Approaching Sedona.  Sorry for all the car pictures.  The AZ DOT said the road north of Sedona, leading to the Grand Canyon, was impassible, so we had planned to have lunch in Sedona then go back the way we came to the highway, then on to the Grand Canyon.  My plan was to stop on the way back at a viewing area and take pictures, and let Eve out of the car to find the red rock she so desperately wanted.  However, when we got to Sedona a chipper young girl at the information booth swore the road was open and the view was amazing, so after lunch we proceeded north.  Sadly there were no more Sedona viewing areas from there and no more opportunities for red rock collection.  I owe Eve another trip to Sedona!

red rocks

Nearing Sedona. The rocks became redder and much more impressive.

silly kids

These kids are AWESOME travelers!


There were about five hundred (or so) rotaries on the road to Sedona. I thought at first my navigation was broken and repeating itself, then I realized there were just that many traffic circles!  They really DO NOT want you driving fast on that road!

sedona rocks p1

Sedona rocks

sedona rocks p2

More rocks.

sedona rocks p3

Can you imagine this in your back yard?

sedona rocks p4

Coming into Sedona. Sorry for all the car pictures.

lunch view

We had lunch at a place called Wildflower. Basically a Panera-type restaurant. It was yummy. We ate on the deck and the view was fantastic!  I think maybe we were looking at Castle Rock on the left and Cathedral Rock on the right.  Maybe.

lunch kids

They had bagels, of course, but they were happy.

After lunch we followed the information girl’s advice and headed north through Oak Creek Canyon.  The roads were narrow and twisty, and the views were amazing!

leaving sedona

Heading out of Sedona, towards Oak Creek Canyon.


The rocks and vegetation out here are just so different and so interesting. I wonder if AZ natives feel the same when they drive through VT?

oc canyon p1

Oak Creek Canyon

oc family selfie

Alan held down the button and took about 20 pictures in a row, trying to get a nice family shot. It didn’t work, but looking through them all is hysterical. I won’t bother posting all of them, but this is probably the best one.

oc family

After watching us laughing hysterically trying to take a selfie, a nice couple passing by offered to take a picture for us. :)

oc kids

The kids enjoyed the view. Lex said that Oak Creek Canyon make Quechee Gorge look small by comparison.

oc canyon

Yep, I think I’d agree with him!

oc jeesis

Jeesis enjoyed the view. Bamboo is next to her on the left.  I was terrified Jeesis would go over the edge and that would be the end of our family vacation. Thankfully everyone survived the canyon!


See all those road switchbacks? Yep, we drove that road!

Now, finally, off to the Grand Canyon!

on the way to the gc

As we approached the Grand Canyon the terrain leveled out and became more scrubby.

The goal was to get to the Grand Canyon in the early afternoon, stay a few hours, have dinner there, then head home in the dark.  We got there a little late, but otherwise did ok.  I took a million pictures and it’s hard to pick the best ones….

gc p1

So pretty.

gc p2

Sometimes there were fences, sometimes there were no fences.

gc p3

Grand Canyon

gc p4

Grand Canyon

gc family selfie

A family selfie at the Grand Canyon. We got a better one taken by a stranger, but it’s on my phone and may or may not make it to the blog.

gc p5

The rock formations are just amazing.

gc kids

We waited awhile to take a picture at this spot. We waited for a group of pretty young Italian (?) ladies to take 1001 Facebook photos. I think my kids are better than any of their photos! :)

gc eve

Eve was apparently watching closely because she very much wanted a picture here without Lex. When he walked away, she whipped out this pose… just like the young ladies before us. Sigh.

gc p6

See the people down on that ledge?! Thanks, but no thanks!

gc p7

Another one, no fences, no fears! (and probably no kids!)

gc p8

Grand Canyon

gc alan and kids

Alan and the kids. Hold on tight to those kiddos!

gc lex

Here is Lex’s Facebook profile picture!! :) (He wasn’t really THAT close the edge, FYI.)

gc alan

And Alan’s FB picture! :)

gc pic 9

Grand Canyon

gc pic 10

Grand Canyon

Last summer Lex had a pretty bad reaction to a bee sting and this year he is really jumpy around any flying, buzzy thing.  At one point we are standing on a ledge, overlooking the Grand Canyon, and a big bug buzzes right by.  Lex immediately starts spazzing out and trying to run away.  Alan and I of course freak out a bit, because he is jumping around and running on a ledge of the GRAND CANYON!  I got him calmed down, away from the ledge and the flying thing, and tried with all my terrified momma-heart to explain to him taht a) it was NOT a bee and b) a bee sting is better than falling off of the ledge into the GRAND CANYON!  He was not convinced and decided to play it a little safer and stay away from ledges and bugs, to the best of his ability.  Poor kiddo… but also a very smart kiddo!

gc lex hiding

Poor Lex. Do you see him up there?

gc pic 11

It amazes me that such a wide variety of vegetation can grow along the side of a cliff.

gc museum p1

Who holds the key to the future of the Grand Canyon?

gc museum p2

Apparently Eve does!

gc museum p3

Lex likes the science.

gc gift shop goodies

They brought their own money for gift shops on this trip. Eve bought a stuffed animal everywhere we went, including a humming bird from the Grand Canyon?! Lex was a little more thrifty with his money, but he bought a multi-purpose safari tool (compass, light, etc.) at the Grand Canyon.

We lasted about two hours before everyone was tired and ready to go.  Truthfully they were tired by the time we got there and Eve was in tears within the first 30 minutes.  Family vacations, ya know.  But we powered through and had a great time!  We stopped for pizza on the way out, then hit the road for a short, 4hr trip back to the hotel!  Eve conked right out, but Lex stayed awake for the whole trip and we all went to bed around midnight.


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