Lex’s checkup

The boy is 9 years old so we went back to the doctor for a well-child visit.  He’s 77lbs and 52.75″ tall.  He gained 8lbs and 1.25″ from last year, but lost 3lbs from a visit in October.  The doctor was a tiny bit concerned, but after a conversation and check she was happy that he’s doing just fine.  We chalked it up to winter clothes. :)  We had the usual discussion on activities and exercise (plenty) and healthy eating and veggies (none).  I always feel guilty when the feeding discussion comes up.  The doctor is great, but I feel guilty anyway.  This summer I plan to get us back on a better eating schedule.  This year has been tough with school and work and all.

Today was exhausting!  A very rainy field day that got moved inside, so we were shepherding over-excited kindergarteners throughout the school from one activity to another.  They got very little down time and no quiet time.  This is a class that regularly has five or six sleepers still at quiet time, so by the end of the day they were exhausted.  So were the teachers!  After school we went right to the doctor’s appointment, then home and I will admit that the three of us have been staring at screens for the last 45 minutes.  It’s so quiet!  I’m going to rally again and make some dinner now.  No rest for the weary. :)  Kidding.  Summer is coming soon!

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