Happiness is…

Fun with leaves! (These pictures are from a few days ago when Lex’s face was still swollen.)






Today was another beautiful day and we were right back out there!


Lex is working and saving and trying hard to save enough money to buy the latest Lego Mindstorm, the EV3. Today we decided to pay him to clean up the leaves. We’re paying per bucket that he fills and dumps into the ravine. He went right to work! I don’t mind paying him since we pay someone else anyway, and because Lex needs the fresh air and exercise, and because he is trying so hard to earn money! The other day he decided to draw dinosaur pictures and sell them to the neighbors. I thought the leaf raking would be more a more useful way to earn money. :)




IMG_0173Can you guess what’s awesome about this next picture?  It’s not my daughter or my husband, although they are both awesome of course…. It’s the empty(ish) garage!!  Guess what’s in there now?!  Yep, my car!!  First time since early June.  Whoo hoo!  Just in time for a chilly, rainy weekend. :)


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