Eight year check-up!

Lex had his well-child visit today. He was pretty excited to miss an hour of school. We dropped Eve off this morning and Lex was skipping through the halls, telling everyone he met that he was going to the doctor’s office. He got some odd looks. :)

All went well at the visit. He participated fully, no fears or concerns. He even seemed to know the answers the doctor was looking for and anticipated her questions. Like he’s been there before! I brought my camera but I didn’t take any photos. I thought about it once or twice, but he just seemed too big for me to be taking his picture in the doctor’s office. Sigh. Not too big for me to post his stats though!

He’s up to 69lbs now (wow!) and 51.5″. He grew 4.5″ since last year’s visit and gained 13lbs! She said he is 86% for weight and 79% for height, which seemed higher than usual to me (I thought he was generally in the 50% area), but she said he is right on his growth curve and doing fine. Always good to hear. :)

And the best part, no shots until his 11yr check-up! Except the annual flu shot, the doctor and I were both clear to point out.

Then we went back to school and he was happy to do that as well. I love the happy days!

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