Eve’s missing teeth

A few weeks ago the kids went to the dentist for their regular cleanings. Eve had no missing teeth and no wiggly teeth, but upon looking at her x-ray the dentist said her big teeth are “right there” and ready to come through at any time. We left with instructions to call him if big teeth poked through before little ones fell out.

Well, of course, they did! This past Sunday Eve said she thought maybe a new tooth had come in. Sure enough, she had a big tooth poking through behind her little ones!

I called the dentist and scheduled an appointment to have her four front teeth removed, something we’d discussed at the last appointment. It sounds scary, but I think it makes the most sense to get them out so the big teeth can grow in as straight as possible. Hopefully!

Today was the day. You know it’s urgent when they’re booking routine visits six months out, but manage to find time for you in two short days. Most mornings I’m dragging Eve out of bed at 7:00am and forcing breakfast into her before school. This morning, when she has no school and isn’t allowed breakfast, she’s wide awake at 6:00am! Of course. Alan took Lex to school and Eve and I headed to the dentist.

She was SO BRAVE!! She got shy and quiet when they called her, then stuck to me like glue for a few minutes in the dentist’s room, but she settled quickly and barely flinched when they took out those tiny teeth! She just had nitrous oxide and novicane, not Valium (like Lex had when he lost his first tooth to the dentist as well!) Since she was older and calmer they didn’t think the Valium was necessary. She was a champ through the whole process. Laughing and chatting. When we got in the car at the end, her mouth full of gauze, she started crying again. We cuddled for a few minutes, then headed home and cuddled on the couch for a bit, changing the gauze frequently. An hour later she said she was hungry so we got up and she’s been going ever since! She had pudding and a soft PB&J. We played outside, played a few board games, read some stories. She’s having quiet time now and I keep asking if she’s tired and wants a nap, but “No!” is all I hear.


Eve’s new smile! (sort of. the bottom half of her face is still pretty numb here!)



A mere three hours after dental surgery and this girl is up and at ’em already!


I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect for recovery. Lex was four and had Valium so he slept a lot of the afternoon after his procedure. I remember sleeping a lot after I had teeth pulled, but I know I had general anaesthesia for that procedure. I guess she didn’t have any drugs that require serious recovery. I’m glad for that! I love seeing her up and grinning so fast. I’ll post a picture later when things are a little more healed up, but there is no way four grown-up teeth are going to fit into the spot that opened up today. She’ll be lucky to get two teeth in that hole! I think both kids inherited my small mouth!

Alan and I were counting our teeth last night (normal couples do that, right?!) and he has 10 more teeth than I do!! Isn’t that funny! Anyway, back to Eve. She’s doing well and eager for the tooth fairy’s visit this evening!

3 thoughts on “Eve’s missing teeth

  1. What a brave girl! That small mouth must be a Steuer thing–mine is small too, especially cause we have big old teeth to fill them up. The Novocaine can wear you out because it is absorbed into the body throughout the day. I hope she feels better soon! Sounds like a beautiful night for an ice cream cone!

  2. i love this post…i want to comment on every photo- but it’s past dinner and the tummy wins for now! Congratulations, Eve! Please could we see a photo of the new big tooth?
    Love you all soooooo much!

  3. Avery had her 2 front baby teeth removed too a few years ago as her adult teeth were fully in-it was like having shark teeth in rows! Our new dental endeavor is that she begins braces this summer… hopefully Tate won’t need them!!

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