Eve’s 6 year check-up

When you’re a little peanut you get a visit to the doctor’s office with every birthday.  Like your final, less than exciting, birthday present!  Today was the day for miss Eve.  Luckily there are no shots at this age.  She weighed in at 50lbs (76%) and 48.5″ tall (94%).  She was loopy and silly, but of course an extremely well child!

silly eve

Silly silly six year old.

silly kids

They are such big kids now! I even read a few pages of a magazine while they entertained themselves.


Who’s the doctor?!

goody bags

After the doctor’s office the kids filled the goody bags for this weekend’s birthday party.

After they went to bed I started building her princess castle cake. I have set the bar high for birthday cakes and their requests are growing. Sadly my skills (and my time!) seem to be lacking lately. The “crumb coat” on this cake isn’t looking good. Hopefully I can pull it together tomorrow! I’ll post pictures either way. :)

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