Home again, home again

We are home again. Back in the snowy north. I want to complain, but really can’t as the weather is warm (ish – 38°) and sunny today. Everything in Florida was green and there were lots of fountains. I liked that. The cars were all shiny and not covered in salt. Sigh. Anyway, we are back now.

I’m taking the pictures off the camera now. Turns out we took 893 photos!! Yesterday Eve and I were guessing at how many photos there were. I guessed 400 and she guessed a million. We were both off by a lot! I’m going to post vacation updates one day at a time. Trying to do the whole week in one blog post would take forever to read and even longer to write!

I think the kids have been suffering from craft withdrawl during vacation. They’ve spent all day today with the paper and scissors and tape everywhere. Rummaging through the recycling bins, lots of glue and string. Crafty kids getting caught up on crafty things.

crafty kids

Crafty kids hard at work.

Lex also had many inspirations for train layouts while on vacation. On the plane ride home he drew up diagrams and first thing this morning he was at work building train tracks and stations. Busy, busy.

trains p1

The cardboard box is Sea Side Sheds with tracks going up to the top. From the top the trains have the option of going on the trampoline (closer track, near the blue box) or the water slide (further track).

trains p2

More train tracks. I’ll have to ask him about the black boxes by the couch.

Happy Friday. More to come later!

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