Technology is definitely creeping into our house and our parenting. I left the kids playing games on this morning while I took a shower. Gone are the days of the 20 minute Between the Lions. When I came down I found Lex playing on the computer (where I left them) and Eve on the tablet! What did I do… grab my laptop for a blog post! Happy snow day! :)


They’ve got the computer and the tablet going at the same time.

This morning I had to explain to the kids what a disposable camera is (was?), which led to an explanation of film. Eve couldn’t understand why the character (in the scary Magic Kitten book we were reading) couldn’t just review the pictures on the camera.

Times, they are a changin’!

However, to illustrate their innocence still… The PE teacher at school has Dance Dance Revolution that the kids get to play sometimes. This week he had it set up all week and each class got to play. Lex loves it! All week the kids have been talking about it. During one conversation he told me that some of the kids are really good and I explained that it’s a video game you can buy and that many of the kids probably own it and practice at home. How would you expect a child to reply to that statement? Typically with “can we buy it?” or something similar. Lex, however, gets a thoughtful look on his face and says, “I wonder if I could make Dance Dance Revolution at home, with some paper.”

Here’s an unrelated picture. They’re still sweet, even with the technology creep.


A treat from Panera Bread. Eve insisted on a photo before eating the cookie. (that’s black bean soup on her face, not dirt, btw!)

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