Holiday treats and advent boxes

This year I’m doing something a little different in the advent boxes. They still get a piece of chocolate every day at 6am, don’t worry, but instead of the tiny toys I put in the boxes in the past (and regretted for the rest of the year as I constantly found them underfoot) I decided to put slips of paper with a holiday activity for the day. The kids have taken the change quite well. Some activities go over better than others, though we haven’t gotten to the “chose one toy to donate” day yet! ;) The “drink hot chocolate with candy canes” day was a hit! Today was “make a special holiday treat” and I thought it would be a good one. I gave them three options this morning and they couldn’t decide so I ended up buying supplies for all three at the store today. Mostly because I wanted to make all three!

This afternoon they came home from school and they both had other plans. Lex is working on a time crossing paper airline (paper planes that travel through time). Eve was working on a present for Lex (more on their sweet presents later) so I ended up making the holiday treat myself! Hmm… they both thought that was the best option. Turns out it was pretty messy so maybe it was best I did it alone. Oh well. At least we all hung out together and chatted and listened to holiday music and everyone had fun. That’s what really matters anyway.

santa treats

Santa treats

Now, about that treat. Once again I found something cute on Pinterest and then tried to wing it from memory. I never rarely read the directions, I just peek at the picture, scan the ingredients, and go for it!

Ho Ho Ho...

Ho Ho Ho…

Sooo… as I was putting these together I realized that they don’t quite look like Santa hats. I sort of remembered them not exactly looking like Santa hats anyway, but mine were a little bit more of a stretch. After I put the kids to bed I fired up the computer again, went back to the site, and realized I was putting the marshmallow in the wrong place. Oops! Oh well. They are cute and tasty and Alan recognized them as Santa hats when he got home, so I’m going to call this a success! :)


I’ll have that one, please!

leftover candy pizza

What do you do with the leftover melted chocolate, sprinkles, and crumbs from last week’s peppermint bark? Make a leftover candy pizza!

4 thoughts on “Holiday treats and advent boxes

  1. the”more on that later”s are killing me. i wanna hear about eves gingerbread house and their sweet presents- suspense is killing me.

    JK i love you big sister and i LOVEEEEE that i can share in your family activities way over here

  2. i triple that request…is Eve on Santa’s naughty list? Has her sweet tooth gotten the best of her?
    Love to all…can’t wait to see you in 10 days!

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