Tin can robots

While I spent the afternoon working on my resume and largely ignoring my children, they spent the afternoon working on tin can robots and largely ignoring me. A win-win situation (until the bedtime battle :/) Lex got the idea from a crafty magazine he has. I think it’s the last craft in the magazine he hasn’t done. He’s been asking for a few days if I would get out the hot glue gun, but I just see all sorts of ways that could go wrong so I’ve been putting him off. Today I remembered some glue dots I had in my craft supply, so I broke them out and fortunately they worked well!

hard at work

Little tinkerers, hard at work!


Lex’s creation, “Can Man” has a crane and a light on top, a “problem solving” mode, and if you look closely you can see eye brows over the nut eyes. Clever boy.


Eve built her robot and then decided it needed to be tucked away for safe keeping. I talked her in to letting me take a quick picture before she put another pint container on top and taped them up.

A few other pictures from the weekend…

haunted office

We did the “Haunted Office” Friday night with Rosy. The kids worked hard on it and we all had fun. Then we un-haunted it so Rosy could have an un-haunted bedroom for the weekend and snuggled in for a movie night.

note p1

This is the note I was curious about. When the bucket tipped the note fell out.

note p2

“Tricked You!” Funny boy.


Saturday morning Lex and I saw a beautiful sunrise! Unfortunately it disappeared quickly. Lex tried to get a picture but this is all he got before it was gone. We agreed to enjoy the memory of it. :)

eve snack

Snack time!

lex snack

They are always so proud of their snacks when they make them themselves. They are often so proud they want to take pictures!

lego alan

I asked Alan what we should do with the awesome Lego costume now that Halloween is over. He decided this would be a good idea. Hilarity ensued, of course.

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