Halloween 2012

This is the treat Eve wanted to school, but I said it would be to much to make 35 of these. Instead I surprised her with them for after school snack. She was excited. Lex was apprehensive and said, “Pudding? What’s pudding?” He wouldn’t even try it! He actually ate barely anything all day… saving room for candy, I suppose!


After school snack.

Then we hopped in the car and went trick-or-treating!


Our first stop on the trick-or-treat path was Gommy and Popcube’s house!


I would have loved to be on the other side of that wall! Imagine a giant yellow head peeking around the corner! :)


Popcube had a fun time with the Lego costume!


We only stayed for a few minutes, just long enough for hugs…


… and candy!


And a few quick laps up and down the driveway. I didn’t discourage that!

Then we did a bit of trick-or-treating at the mall. I told the kids we could go there just in case it rained in the evening. It was packed, as usual, but they kept it together and I didn’t get too crazy!

at the mall

No good pictures from the mall. Here Eve is excitedly waving at a 6′ Goofy walking around. I had to hold on to Lex the whole time because he can’t see or hear very well with that huge head on!

people watching

After we did the lap we hung out for awhile and did some people watching.

Then we picked up a pizza and headed home for dinner. The rain held off and it ended up being a great night for trick-or-treating!


Waiting for trick-or-treaters. I think the kids had as much fun with this part of the evening as they did with the gathering-of-candy part.



the haul

Once again they barely made it off our street, but we all agreed they got plenty of candy!


Some pre-bedtime wrestling with daddy. Sugar them up and then wear them out! :)

Happy Halloween!

As I said to Eve as we snuggled this evening, tomorrow is the first day of November. Do you know what that means? Twelve days until my birthday!!!

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