Crayon Art

Lex got off the bus Thursday afternoon talking about a great project he saw some kids in school doing. Apparently they were spread out throughout the school, wherever they could find outlets, so Lex saw several throughout the hallways.

This is actually a project I’ve seen on Pinterest and other places around the web and thought it would be fun. I think it’s even more fun that Lex found the idea and ran with it.

After snack they both found cardboard and glued on some crayons. Then, while the glue dried, Eve swept the floor and Lex did his homework. Sweet! Then it was time for the hair dryer.

I learned pretty quickly that children cannot hold a hair dryer still and have a hard time conceptualizing the path hot air takes and its affect on dripping wax. Fun for all! :) I helped Lex and then Lex helped Eve.

Both projects came out really well. Lex was thrilled! He brought them both to school for show and tell on Friday. Now they’re taking up space on my counter. Fun for all ;)

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