Halloween Craft

Another idea from Pinterest, with our own spin, of course. A crafty afternoon that started with making a Halloween decoration and ended with getting out all of last year’s homemade decorations. Now we have a lovely decorated Halloween home.

decoration p1

My idea for a decoration was the white ghosty hands, like mine in the middle. The kids thought black with white crayon would be more scary. Eve’s handprints (just left of mine and far right) remind me of Badly Drawn Dog. :) Lex had the idea for the BOOs.

decoration p2

Lex decided the ghosts should be haunting a pumpkin patch. It’s hard to see in the pictures, but there is a row of orange pumpkins on the bottom part, courtesy of Lex.

Then some decorating… and out came the hat and teeth from years past (I’m gonna be lazy and not link to years past though because it’s late and I’m tired).

witch hat

She can stick her tongue out even with fake teeth in her mouth!

Oh, actually our afternoon also included getting out the winter gear and sorting through it to see what we need. It sounds early, I know, but it is getting chilly on those bike/walk to school mornings!

winter gear

Trying on the winter gear.

outdoor eve

Eve decided to pretend the leaves were snow and went out to “play in the snow!”


Lex wanted nothing to do with pretend snow, but he was happy to smile for me. That’s all I ever want. :)

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