Happy Fall

I took the kids to the apple orchard today. I’m a sucker for apple picking. I just wish those bags didn’t fill up so fast! This place has apple, blueberries, raspberries, a corn maze, and today they had fresh donuts, cider, and hay rides! It was busy, yet somehow peaceful as well. We had a really nice time. I packed a picnic lunch and we hung out for over two hours.

lunch p1

Lunch by the river. It was a very sunny day!

lunch p2

That bagel is as big as his head! He only ate about half of it though.

raspberries p1

After lunch we headed for the raspberry patch. Eve remembered from her field trip that the Kiwi Gold raspberries were very tasty and were a peachy color when ripe. She did a great job explaining things to Lex.

raspberries p2

Eve pointing out hidden raspberries.


We were all surprised to see, and hear, horse drawn wagon rides. I didn’t know this farm offered such a service. We missed the ride up to the apple trees (it’s a short walk anyway!) but caught a ride back down.

raspberries p3

Eve was counting her raspberries, in a random chaotic sort of way, and insisted on counting each berry in my hand before letting me put them in her container.

raspberries p4

Both containers were full and those berries were all gone by afternoon snack!

green lex

Where’s Lex? He blends right in on a sunny day.


I had to tell him, many times, to pick the apples one at a time, not gather a huge armful that resulted in dropped apples everywhere. He has his father’s efficiency gene.

apples in a box

I tell ya, the pickin’ was good!! :)


And an Eve in an apple tree.

apple tree

Apple trees make me smile.


A nice lady took a picture for me in the wagon heading back down the hill.


I caved and let them buy pumpkins. I’ll have to buy more for carving, I think, but I’m a sucker for fall activities and happy kids!

eve and her pumpkin

The rule, as always, was they had to be able to carry their own pumpkins. When we got back to the car Lex said, “Whew! I can walk pretty fast with eight pounds of pumpkin in my arms!”

corn maze entrance

Lastly we did the corn maze. This year’s “theme” is a mystery. Vincent Van Goat has lost his ear and as you progress through the corn maze you can read clues and try to solve the mystery. My two had no interest in reading clues and we just ran through it, quite literally!

eve in the maze

“That way!” she yells.

apple brownies

Of the huge grocery bag full of apples we brought home today, four of them went into making apple brownies. They look and smell delicious. I’m going to taste one this evening, and if they are good we’ll be sending them to school as little treats for their classmates.

I just went looking for a blog post about last year’s trip through the corn maze (we got lost!) and found this one instead, from 2008! I had completely forgotten about that first trip through the corn maze. They are so little! I love my blog.

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