Doggie pillows

We finally finished our first embroidery projects (started here and here). The kids made pillows for their doggies!  Each pillow has a design on the front and the doggie’s name on the back.  Mema and I helped Eve with the name side of her pillow, but she did the front and Lex did all of the embroidering on his.  We sewed them together with the sewing machine, stuffed them with old quilt batting from a previous project, and I hand-stitched them closed.  Don’t look to closely!


A proud crafter shows off his handiwork.


Yes, their doggies names are Alex and Jesus. Can you guess whose is whose?


The designs are kind of vague. Eve’s pillow, in the back, is a flower and some sky, I think. Lex’s is a flower, a sun, blue sky, and green grass at the bottom. Not too bad for design-on-the-fly by first timers! (sorry for the terrible photo quality!)

Lex wanted to rush right upstairs and give the doggies their pillows, but I said, “Wait! What do we always do first when we finish a craft project?” Lex stopped and replied, “Oh yes, we need to take pictures first!” Then he brought the camera upstairs to take pictures of the pillows in use. :)


Alex was “happy and surprised” with the gift.


Jesus thinks her new pillow is very comfortable.

3 thoughts on “Doggie pillows

  1. Congratulations on a wonderful project, kids! Lex, you are so handsome with your new haircut!
    We miss you and love you…
    Mema and Tom

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