A skirt!

With more Anna inspiration, I found this simple skirt tutorial and made Eve a skirt! I am so excited and it was SO easy! Eve insisted I make one for doggie as well. Of course.

I started it yesterday afternoon while the kids worked on their embroidered pillow projects (more on those later) and bounced around. I did a bit more after they went to bed. I left it with the hem pinned up and the waistband elastic pinned together so I could try it on Eve this morning and make sure it fits. It did. This afternoon I finished the hem and closed up the waistband and voila! A cute skirt!


A cute skirt.


A fancy waistband.


A snazzy hem.

skirt on eve

A shy model.


A silly girl and her doll. (Apparently doggie wasn’t in the mood to wear a skirt today so Kristin volunteered instead.)

One thought on “A skirt!

  1. It looks beautiful!!!! Pajama pants are just as easy, you know, so Lex doesn’t feel left out. ;) (Yes I am trying to make you as addicted as I am. You are my fourth convert!)

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