Embroidery and other awesome things

Around two o’clock this afternoon I was writing a cranky blog post in my head. All about how tired I am these days, how I keep making myself ill with the food I shovel in, how I’m living life in a fog, and dreading my WW meeting tomorrow… do you sense a theme here?

Instead I chose to go sit with Lex for the remainder of his quiet time and listen to him practice the piano. Then he and I came downstairs and I got him started on embroidering! I picked up five different hoops from a woman on Freecycle (freecycle rocks, btw!) this morning and the kids loved them! I used some old green fabric with a large-ish weave. Lex drew his picture with white crayon and then started embroidering. Shortly thereafter he declared embroidering to be awesome and sewing as his new favorite craft. :)


He has big plans for this project. I hope they work out. It will be awesome! :)

Then I woke Eve up from her two hour nap (swimming wears her out!) and she came down to join us. She wasn’t gung ho on the embroidering at first. We had snack (popcorn, their favorite) and she washed dishes for awhile (or played in the water under the guise of washing dishes!) and then decided to try her hand at embroidering.


She had a little less patience with the project, but I think she had fun overall and she said she wants to keep working on it. I’m so proud of them both!

Meanwhile, between helping them with the crafts I was able to make zucchini cheddar bread, two loaves of whole wheat sandwich bread, AND fried tofu with pesto, rice pilaf, and squash for dinner! What a productive afternoon!

Bedtime ran a little late of course, but everyone was happy (particularly me!) so all is good. I just got Lex in bed and Alan is reading a bit longer with Eve. Hopefully she’s not up all night!

Here are a few other highlights from the day:

  • I finally saw a chiropractor after 4+ years of dealing with carpal tunnel like symptoms.
  • Lex swam in the deep pool at Swim Camp.
  • Lex found a chalk rock at camp and wrote “Hello” on another rock. He was quite excited about this.
  • Lex went around the current pool four times, against the current! Talk about big muscle exercise!
  • Eve took a two hour nap for the first time in forever and did not wet her bed!
  • We found two more pianos, though they were for a different part of the Quest and not decorated, therefore a little less exciting to find.
  • While discussing eye color with Eve this evening I noticed for the first time ever my different colored eyes! I have been told many times that they are slightly different colors but I have never really seen it myself. The lighting was just right this evening and it was very obvious. :)

In summary, my kids are awesome crafters, and just plain awesome kids, and just because part of the day is crappy doesn’t mean you can’t turn it around and wind up calling it a pretty awesome day!

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