A few photos from the week…

I keep thinking we’re half way through July already, but then I look at the calendar and realize that it’s only the first week! So much for my slow summer vacation!

Here are a few pics of what’s been going on around here.

berry picking

When we got home from Franklin the kids ran right over to the black raspberry patch and picked a big bowlful. I remember doing that last year as well. Does that now make it an annual tradition? :)


Then they spent some time hanging out together in the playhouse. Just chilling. Happy to be home. Obliging me for the occasional photo.

hot nights

We’ve had a few very hot nights. Their bedroom is the worst! What you can’t see here are the ice packs, wrapped in wash clothes, tucked under their backs. They think it’s a special “hot night” treat to get to cuddle with ice packs. :)


Daddy to the rescue! Alan installed the super loud AC that we normally put right in their room into the storage room instead. With long ducting he has jerry rigged (excuse me, Alan-rigged!) central air for their bedroom. Lex calls it “Awesome Air Conditioning!”


Fourth of July preparations. Glow sticks, patriotic “boppy tails,” picnic dinner… thunderstorms! Oh well.


What do you bring to the playground? We had a big playdate with a bunch of Eve’s pre-k classmates. She insisted on bringing a full picnic (wooden food) and a (wooden) birthday cake! I thought she was crazy but the kids loved it!


Thanks to our CSA pickup Lex got one full serving of greens this week! That container was full of snap peas… now Lex is full of snap peas! One serving of greens a week is sufficient for a growing boy, right?!


We attended a birthday party at a playground this afternoon. A playground we used to go to all the time when the kids were younger, but haven’t been there in several years. They LOVED this new climbing structure!


They also loved this rocking toy! I’m going to see if I can find a picture of them on this thing when they were younger… more age appropriate for the toy!

crazy rocking

Then a few more kids joined the fun! They had a BLAST! A little chaotic, but no one got hurt. That’s the sign of a good birthday party at the playground!


We had quiet time today from 4:15-5:15, after we got home from our morning activities and afternoon parties. Lex decided to do his piano practicing and homework at quiet time. He’s so excited, and adorable!

I just got lost in my own blog again looking for a picture of them on that rocking toy at the playground years ago. Sometimes I wish I had a “Like” button on the blog! I’d press it a lot. On my own blog posts. How’s that for self confidence! Or self amusement. :)

Now Alan is home and the laundry needs folding and the kitchen needs cleaning and I need to say goodnight.

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