Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July! Or, as Lex insists we say, Happy Independence Day! “Otherwise you’re just saying the date,” he says.

We spent the morning following Lex’s schedule (he was so pleased!) and didn’t fall off schedule until 11am! Pretty good, eh? :) We spent the afternoon eating popsicles and playing baseball outside with the neighbors. At 6:30, when we were all packed up and ready to walk down the hill for our local fireworks extravaganza, the sky opened up! A quick weather check showed the forecast had changed from chance of showers to 95% chance of severe storms. Lightening, hail, high winds, etc. We decided to stay home and Alan suggested a movie night instead. As we settled in the living room, “Animal Crackers” (Marx Brothers) on the TV, animal crackers in a bowl, and daddy doling out M&Ms, the sky opened up again and the downpour validated our decision.

Thunderboomers, rain, and massive giggles in the living room. Life is good, thanks to those brave men and women who founded this country and defend her still today!

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