Cub Scouts? Camps?

We are venturing into new territory over here! I’m seriously considering signing the kids up for Splash Camp this summer, for which they are both excited. Eve also wants to do a karate camp. I may look into that. I’ve heard great things about karate for kids. Lex went to a Cub Scouts intro meeting tonight. I was not impressed but he said he really wants to join. I reminded him that the kids in his age group are all from the other elementary school and he said, “Great, I’ll make some friends!” Hmmm… it doesn’t start until fall so we’ll see if he’s still interested then. Things are happenin’ around here!

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  1. We’ve been a, ahem, cub scout family for several years now. Before I had kids I swore I’d never let my children join an organization that discriminated against gay people. But then T saw pictures of kids in canoes, on the zip line, etcetera, and wanted to sign up. So we did. Now we have two kids in scouts and Mike is a den leader! I still disagree with the organization on socio-political terms, and I’m up front with my kids about that, but I have to say both boys have really loved it. It’s definitely a time commitment, but they get a lot out of it, and I’m always grateful to the other parents involved for what they do for my kids. I still have days when I wish they’d quit, but overall I think my guys know what’s best for them, and for some reason scouts is it. Good luck!

    • Thanks Andi! He seems excited! We are going to join them for a “trial meeting” next week. The group is going on a Valley Quest! Lex loves Valley Quests. I think this will just fuel his excitement about Cub Scouts. :)

  2. Avery is signed up for most of the Summer Ventures weeks through the Hartford rec program beginning June 25th-they seem to have a different theme every week, and the VINS Splash Camp at the Aquatic Center the week of Aug 13th. This is mostly to cover our work schedules and her out of school time. There were some really fabulous camps I read about but at over $1000/week, were WAY out of our price range, or perhaps I could say more costly than I could stomach, even if we could afford them! Avery has some interest in beginning karate-where are you looking?

    • Hey Leah – I haven’t done much more than think about karate camp. We are doing swim camp for a week at the UVAC, but this is our first foray into camps. We’ll see how it goes. If I get time I’ll look into karate camps. Andi mentioned on at the CCBA, I think. Let me know if you find something for Avery. We’ll probably join you! :)

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