Oh, what a day!

We had a very busy day today! We started off, bright and early, at a 5K. Rosy, Alan, and I gave it our best shot. It was a VERY hilly course!


At the post-race shin-dig Lex made a friend. She also ran the 5K (and beat me by half a minute!) and took first place in her age group. She was very nice to Lex and taught him how to make an origami crane. Lex was very excited.


Then home for lunch and quiet time. I barely made it through half a chapter of Harry Potter with Lex, dozing off and on. Poor guy.

After quiet time we headed to the local skating rink! The kids got skates from my parents and so far have only taken them on the street. That changed today! My dad brought his skates and we had a great time! We got there just half hour before the closed, but I think that was about enough. Eve was exhausted by the end. I was so impressed with them. Eve walked on her the whole time and Lex started skating properly, gliding or whatever you call it. After all skate was over they started prepping for a roller derby match! They told it it would start at 4:30 so we stuck around, hoping to watch some. Forty-five minutes later it still hadn’t started and I was told it would be another half hour. We left. It was a bummer because we were all excited to watch the roller derby match, but we got to watch a lot of warm-up drills and now we have yet another excuse to go back! Or check out an old friend who skates in the derby at Interskate 88!

skates on

Skates on! (and yes, I am the mother who lets her kids go out in public dressed like that!)

skating p1

They're off and rolling! I was happy with how well I could still skate after many, many years of not skating!

skating p2

Grampa Tom and Eve. Dad was so good he had random strangers checking him out! I guess skating is like riding a bike, you don't forget how. :)


Lex was quite the ladies man today. It must of been his dapper PJs. At the skating rink a girl a bit older than him kept trying to hold his hand and help him skate. He wasn't sure what to make of that.

They were both fascinated by the lights. Lex spent a lot of the time looking up, watching the changing light patterns. Eve kept says, “I wasn’t expecting it to be so dark! I wasn’t expecting such beautiful lights!”

resting eve

Eve was worn out!

all done

Skates off. Everyone was tired! The kids will sleep well tonight!

roller derby

We had a little snack and watched the roller derby girls warming up.

tired eve

Tired Eve.

tired lex

Tired Lex. This part was ok, but then he got a second wind and started climbing in dangerous places and got very spacey. That's when I decided it was time to head home.

Then, to top off our evening, we rented Mr. Poppers Penguins and had a picnic dinner in the living room, complete with cookies for dessert. I think we all will sleep well tonight! Oh, what a day!

2 thoughts on “Oh, what a day!

  1. eve looks like she might need a pair of ice skates instead.

    this post made me very happy AND sad. I would have loved to be there to skate with you guys.

  2. I can’t believe you have a roller rink in your town! Makes me want to tease up my hair and put on some neon. ;)

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