A few random pictures…

do you like my picture?

Do you like my picture? There are geese flying south (dark blue Vs), monarch butterflies (brown Vs), wind, clouds, I forget what the light blue Vs are, cars, a tree with falling leaves, a street sign, a sun (I think, just above the street sign), and a stop sign. I love his artwork!

sleeping kids

This is how we found the kids one night last week. Doesn't it look like they were trying to get to each other but fell asleep mid way? Silly sleepers :)

lex's papers

Comments like these are why I love the Friday folder :)

pirate eve

Eve went to a pirate party this weekend (one of three birthday parties my kids attended this weekend!)


Look at all the sweets options available at this kids party?! Crazy. There was a whole other table of crackers, cheese, fruits, and veggies. All for a mid-afternoon party. Wheee! The options seemed endless.


"Sunglasses on my glasses?!? That's CRAZY!"


Eve. What more can I say?

my trip

This came home in the Friday folder recently too. :)

apple picking

Eve went apple picking with her class today and I got to chaperon! I was so excited.

apples for applesauce

Apples for applesauce (see the sad outcome below, posted earlier this afternoon)

Four posts in one day and I’m officially caught up! Off the camera anyway! In life, well details are fleeting. My weeks are fleeting. I have a big post-it note on my dayplanner saying “Over scheduled, over tired, over eating!” I’ve started canceling social engagements this week because I can’t keep up. Rough life, eh? This was supposed to be the week I hit lifetime at WW, but that won’t happen. After six weeks of failing at maintenance I’m a few good pounds over my goal weight. Because I’m so busy and don’t have time to take care of me. I should say not MAKING the time to take care of me. Next week will be calm, right? Next week. If I make it so. In the meantime I will grab every lovely moment I’ve got with my little monkeys, with or without the camera. We had a nice afternoon today (applesauce disappointment aside) and I will make sure there are many more such afternoons to come.

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