A super easy craft project

This might be one of the easiest craft projects ever and it took me forever (years, really!) to get around to doing it. (this one is for you Julie!)

Take some pasta, any shape will do as long as it has a hole in it. We used whole wheat penne pasta because that’s what I had in the cabinet.

In a little plastic bag put 2t vinegar, 10-12 drops of food coloring, and 1/2c pasta. Seal it well and shake. A lot. This was Eve’s favorite part. Repeat as needed for as many colors as you want to make.

Let the pasta sit in the dye for five minutes, shaking occasionally. Or a lot. Whatever.

Dump the pasta out onto newspaper to dry. We made four colors and I tried to put each one in it’s own corner, but I let Eve help and therefore many of the wet noodles touched, causing pretty streaking patterns.

Let dry for 15 minutes then turn the pieces over. This sounds very precise. I dumped them from one piece of newspaper to another (dry) piece. Lots of mixing occurred at this point but they were dry enough that it didn’t matter much.

Let sit for awhile longer (we left them for about 4hrs until after school) then grab a string and go to town! Eve made a necklace for her classmate :) You can also use them for gluing pretty pictures on paper, or counting and sorting, or countless other random activities.

Have fun!

pasta necklaces - p1

pasta necklaces - p2

pasta necklaces - p3

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