I did it, I did it, I did it! :) After three and a half years and about 48lbs, I reached my Weight Watchers goal weight! Yay me! I’ve been so nervous this week and Alan and the kids have been so sweet and supportive. Alan has been giving me tips on how to drop weight fast (which he learned eons ago in wrestling). Some I used (limit fluids for 12hrs) some I did not (put on a garbage bag and sweats and go for a run!). Turns out none of the tiny details I worried about really mattered. I needed to lose one pound and this morning I was down 2.4lbs! Whoohooo!!! The kids were so sweet at the meeting and kept congratulating me. Eve drew me a “special picture” (she colored in a construction vehicle and gave it to me) and Lex took a picture for me :) After the meeting we stopped at Alan’s office to share the good news with him. I was bouncing (ok, I still am!!)


Lex took a picture for me. The receptionist offered to take a "better" picture for me, but this is exactly what I wanted! Lex snapped the picture and said, "There, that looks good." The whole room said "Awww...." The leader in front with me is actually a leader-in-training, not my normal meeting leader, but that was fun because she too struggled with plateaus and it took her a long time to lose her weight. We emailed and discussed and supported each other at times, so it was nice to be able to celebrate a bit with her.

Now on to six weeks of maintenance where I learn how to maintain this weight, then I officially get Weight Watchers Lifetime status. Oh la la!

Also, with Hurricane Irene on it’s way up the east coast (so they say), there’s a chance the CHaD Half Marathon will be reschedule/postponed anyway. Sigh. But at least I got it done and no longer have to worry about it! :)


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  1. SSSsssssooooooooo, proud of you, hottie. :-) You cannot imagine the value of that example to little minds. And the picture, indeed, was very well done. He got it centered and well composed. What a FAMILY!!!! <3 and hugs.

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