Lego madness – the complete story

You all remember our lego pile, right? Fifteen gallons of 30 year old legos, resurrected for another generation of fun. Of course we’ve added our fair share over the years.

They have been part of our toy collection for two years (almost to the day!) and it took Aunt Joyce about one day to decide to organize them. I’ve asked Lex many times if we could sort and organize them and he always says no, but when Joyce asks it’s a different story! :) Not only did she ask, but she did most of the work!


Look at her go! Helpfulness, military precision, or just OCD?



While the rest of us watched TV Joyce kept at it.

The next day (wait, that was just today!) we went out to breakfast with the family then stopped at Big K to find some organizational solution. We joked about just grabbing all four corners of the sheet and plopping it back in the big bucket, but I think Joyce may have kicked our butts! And we all know she could! So we bought some plastic buckets instead and went to work.


Everyone (but me) hard at work!



Making progress...



Where did everyone go? One by one we trickled away...



But not Joyce. She persevered!


happy boy

Lex is pretty happy about the new solution. The legos stayed packed up for the duration of quiet time...



Then right back out again!

4 thoughts on “Lego madness – the complete story

  1. How much fun is this? Oh, my!!!! We all can only imagine the creations to come.
    Love and miss everyone – but not for long. :-)

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