A tasty summer salad

The idea for this came from a Price Chopper flyer.  Fancy, huh?  I made some modifications and it turned out to be an excellent summer salad!  I’d highly recommend it.

tropical fruit salad

Tropical fruit salad

Take a big bowl of spinach and add to it sliced kiwi, star fruit, and avocados.  I made this salad earlier in the week and added sliced strawberries.  I should have taken a picture of that one (what was I thinking?!) because the strawberries were beautiful and the star fruit was much more star shaped.  But we ate the salad before I thought to photograph it.  Silly me.  For this one I was out of strawberries so I put in halved grapes instead.  Still pretty delicious.  Serve with chopped walnuts (on top or on the side) and Price Chopper low-fat raspberry dressing.  A perfect summer salad!


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