No blueberries for us tonight :(

We made a bummer discovery this afternoon when we tried to go blueberry picking. Our favorite place, right near by, is closed! They had a sign up that said “New Owners. No more PYO” We were sad. It was 4:45 and a little late to drive to any other place so we just stopped at the playground on the way home instead. Not quite the same, but it was something outdoors and active. Tomorrow morning, bright and early, we’re heading to a blueberry patch. I have blueberries on the brain!

Lex was mostly disappointed because he wanted to take pictures at the blueberry patch. He brought the KidCam along and took pictures the whole way there. At one point he even asked me to slow down because all of his out the window pictures were blurry. After I explained why that is he decided to just take pictures inside the car while we were driving.

Once he got over the blueberry disappointment he decided to make the best of it and take pictures at the playground instead. He’s becoming quite the photographer! He took TONS at the camp site this week. I’m going to have him write his own blog post soon and put up his pictures. Most are dark and/or blurry because of the low quality kidcam, but some came out pretty good. I haven’t looked at today’s batch.

Here are MY pictures from today anyway :) Maybe you’ll see his soon.


Little shutterbug






Eve was feeling brave this afternoon.

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