Backyard surprises

After a brief, but intense, rain storm this afternoon the kids decided we should go out and look for a rainbow. We put our rain boots on and puddle jumped our way up the road and back. No rainbows.

Before going in we decided to check on the black raspberries growing in the backyard. They are ripe for the picking! The kids picked and ate and Lex did a great job taking care of his little sister, picking berries for her and rescuing her from the prickers.

In with the black raspberries are lots of pricker bushes, baby sumac trees (those things grow like weeds!), and miles of grape vines.  We knew the grape vines were there in years past but this year they are growing like mad!  I was cutting prickers and pulling out sumac and grape vines when what to my wondering eyes ahould appear?!?  Grapes!!  So cool.





Princess Eve decided to sit waaay over there and then demanded Lex bring the berries over to her. That didn't last long.



We were going to ride bikes before we got sidetracked by the berries. Lex was a sweaty boy in this 100% humidity with his helmet and boots on!


We also found a huge grasshopper that the kids tried to feed berries to, a golden colored slug, and a cool caterpillar with a big eye spot.  Eve kept calling the slug a “swigs” and was very concerned for its welfare.  It was a great visit to the backyard.


A cool caterpillar with a big eye spot on it's behind.

We went out to find a rainbow but ended up finding so much more!

Sorry for the cell phone pictures. I didn’t think to bring a camera for our quick walk down the road. Of course that was silly of me!

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