Red, white, and blue scones

When we were strawberry picking a few weeks ago I asked the kids what we should do with the berries. They threw out lots of idea, but Lex was pretty insistent on making scones. I wanted to make strawberry jam and I got my way first (yay me!) but when Lex kept asking about scones I finally agreed to make them. Not that I didn’t want to, mind you, but I really, REALLY like scones and I knew that making them would result in me eating them and that, dear readers, is what I didn’t want. However, when Lex started opening cookbooks and trying to find a recipe I decided to go with it. On July 3rd (old news, I know, sorry!) we made strawberry scones and when Lex suggested making red, white, and blue scones for the holiday I thought that was a genius idea and we threw in some blueberries. Yum!

We made Strawberries & Cream Scones from KAF. I doubled the recipe, but stuck with 2/3c. strawberries and added 2/3c. frozen blueberries. The batter ended up a little too moist, so next time I would recommend using fresh berries instead of frozen. As KAF suggests in the recipe :) They baked up just fine though and tasted amazing! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a high-fat, addicting, super delicious treat! :)


Strawberries, delicious strawberries


little helpers

Little helpers, washing and hulling the strawberries for jam.


snack time

Yogurt and fresh scones for snack. Yum. (yes, Sunday comics all week and underwear helmets are the norm in this house)





I didn't put much effort into the photography of these... too busy eating, but they were quite pretty and festive.

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