Flower Rose Pie

Today we made Flower Rose Pie, per Eve’s instructions. She has been talking about it a lot lately and several times over the past few days we’ve pretend made it, but this morning she said she wanted to make it and pulled her chair over to the counter. I figured, “why not?!” and followed her lead. She told me what to put in and I gave subtle guidance. Here’s the recipe:

1 purple flower
2 scoops of flour (1c.)
2 eggs
1 scoop of brown sugar (1/2c.)
2 big spoons of vanilla extract (2T)
a dusting of baking powder
chocolate shavings and chips for the top

Mix everything together in the bowl, pour into a pan (she was disappointed that we couldn’t find the “pumpkin pan” but I have no idea what she’s talking about so we used a little stoneware dish instead), bake at 350° for about 23 minutes. She insisted it only needed 8 minutes, but when we checked it then she agreed it needed a bit more time :)


Quick sandwich break.

flower in flour

You have to dip the flower in the egg a few times, then lay it down and coat it with flour. She was quite precise about that step.


Scrap the batter into a pan. This lasted long enough for me to get a picture then she decided it was too hard and went back to her sandwich.


Licking the paddle, another important step.


The hardest part... waiting.

When it came out of the oven we shaved up some chocolate chips across the top. Eve then made a “cross face” with full chips, but decided to “smooth it out” with the back of the measuring cup, so it mostly just looks like a chocolate mess.

chocolate shavings

We shaved chocolate chips across the top...


Then Eve went to work decorating the top with chocolate chips.

messy top

It looks messy, but yummy.

proud baker

Look at that proud baker!

We ate it for snack and it actually tastes ok. Dense and mildly sweet, a little heavy on the vanilla, but overall not too bad. We all went back for seconds.

close up

The finished product.

I thought I was being such a fun mommy, but when Alan came home he chastised me (gently) for baking with an unknown flower. Apparently he considers that to be an unnecessary risk in life. Oh well. If we all end up sick tonight at least we’ll know why! :)


Name that flower...

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