Beachin’ it!

We took our first trip to the beach today! Well, the lake anyway. Welcome summer! I have lots to say and lots of photos, but it’s late (again) and I’m tired (always) so this will be brief.

Eve and I picked Lex up after school and we went straight to the beach. First things first, snack!


Happy children!
lex digging


Eve named this the "Laka pino Johnson"

smiling boy

happy swimmers


Tired children, heading home for dinner and baths.

I was playing with camera settings and “continuous” photo shoots. I have lots to say about that. Also I’ve been thinking a lot about the seasons of parenting. Thoughts on that. Right now I’m tired though. I can’t wait for summer vacation. I’m really, truly excited for it. Possibly more so than the kids :)


I just linked this post to a blog hop (my first!) from another local blogger, Rub Some Dirt On It. I don’t know her, but I know lots of the local areas she talks about. She’s super crafty and into photography… I’d love to take some of the e-courses she has taken.


8 thoughts on “Beachin’ it!

  1. Thanks for being one of the first to join my blog hop!! What a special day, and tired kids at the end is even better! Looks like you have a fun summer ahead of you! Hope to see you back next week!

  2. Great photos make great memories. I love their hats!! My kids always had cute little hats and now they just laugh when we roll out the photos! I can’t wait for summer either!! I am with you on being more excited than the kids.

    I hope you enjoy the summer and get much needed rest!


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