Planting peppers and peas

We are entering our fifth summer in this house (wow!) and I still do my gardening by the seat of my pants. Hmm… let’s throw a few seeds here and see what happens. I like to think I’m a logical, organized person, but I’m pretty sure I’m not really. I plan the heck out of some things, such as an eight day car trip for four people, but other things get barely a thought. Poor gardens.

We joined a CSA this year so I wasn’t going to bother with a vegetable garden. I was pretty confident in that decision, but as the snow melted and my sad little garden bed appeared I started having second thoughts. I also thought the kids may be more involved this year, a thought I have every year! So on impulse at the garden store one day I bought peas (because they’ve eaten those from the garden every year!), peppers (because we haven’t tried them yet and Lex usually likes peppers), and pumpkins (because, well, because I wanted pumpkins).

Today we went out to spread some grass seed, which was purchased with zero research and thrown around a dry lawn by two kids… I expect a lush lawn in just a few short weeks. Once that was done the kids wanted to keep gardening so we planted the peas and peppers. Is it the right time? Who knows. Who cares. I looked up our latest frost date awhile ago and it was something like early June (ahh, Vermont). I asked Lex to read the directions for the peppers to me while I put a layer of topsoil down. I had to convince him that it’s ok to skip the “plant inside and slowly migrate outside” steps. I’m sure it will be great. I’m expecting large, juicy peppers in just a few short weeks.

planting peas

Planting peas

planting peppers

Planting peppers

Anyhoo… hopefully something grows in the backyard (the dandelions are doing quiet well this year!) and we will enjoy a bountiful supply of fresh veggies from our local CSA all summer :)

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