The science museum

Back when Lex was having trouble on the bus and wanted me to pick him up after school every day we ended up agreeing on a once a week schedule. I even wrote standing note that I’d pick him up every Tuesday for the rest of the school year. After a few weeks of this I figured we should go out and do fun things on Tuesday afternoons since we were all in the car anyway. The past few weeks we’ve been going to the science museum. It’s very quiet on Tuesday afternoons, which I love! The kids run around and play and I don’t have to keep as close tabs on them as I do when the place is packed.

This week I realized that they have started slowing down when we are there. Instead of running from one “active” exhibit to the next like crazy people, they’ve started slowing down and paying closer attention to the exhibits. They have started looking at the more natural stuff (dinosaurs, birds nests, ants, etc.) instead of just playing with the more active things. I think this is in part because we’ve been going more regularly, but also because it is quieter there. My kids, like everyone else’s I’m sure, get all revved up when the energy levels are high and they just bounce around. When it’s quiet they are able to focus more. I love it. Last week we watched the ants being fed, they both helped, and Lex even asked a few questions. This week we sat down and did some building and played with tangrams (I love those things!) and, of course, hit the water park!

The pictures are all funny looking because I was playing with camera settings… Someday I will take a photography course. Some day!


That's now how we use this exhibit!

Serious Lex

Serious Lex

Turtle pile

Holy turtle pile. I took a lot of pictures of these guys! :)


We had fun with the tangrams. It's neat to watch the kids figuring them out.


Lex followed the directions to build a truck with these blocks.


Then he modified it to his liking.


This is another shot I'll have to dig up a before-and-after for. I know I have many photos through the years in this pose.

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