Sugar shack

We joined a CSA this year. Every year I think about it and this year I finally did it. I’m trying to “do” more and “think” less. How’s that for a goal?! :)

The farm we joined also makes maple syrup and they held an open house today for people to visit the farm, see the new baby lambs, and sample some syrup. We had fun! We also got to see the greenhouse and the tiny seedlings starting to sprout. Lex loved seeing the tractors and they both loved the swings. We are all excited to go back each week in the summer to pick up our veggies and see the baby chicks and piglets – who will be available for sale as meat later in the summer!

little lamb

This little guy was just born yesterday.

sugar shack

The fires were burning in the sugar shack today. This farm has 100+ trees on a tube that flow directly into the tank out back, plus 90+ trees with buckets.


Lex and Alan looking at the buckets.


These are great swings with an awesome view!


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