Our days in photos

chef eve

We had a nice morning at home the other day. Eve taught me how to bake a cake...

tea party

Then we had a tea party with the dolls.

sorry cake

We had trouble rounding up an entire cake or pie, so this is what we had for our tea party. It turned into a birthday party for Molly (the American Girl doll).


We took down the Christmas tree the other day. The kids were SUPER helpful undecorating and cleaning up. It was nice.

kids in the snow

My kids love making snow angels.

snow angels

They are pretty good at it, I must admit.

digger angel

Lex was thrilled to discover that even the digger could make a snow angel. It doesn't look much like an angel, but Lex was ok with that.

fire hydrant

It's never too cold or snowy to climb the fire hydrant... though the kids eventually agreed with me that it's a bit more difficult in the winter!

love note

I am a lucky mommy.

eve eating flour

We made cookies today. Yummy delicious cookies. This is Eve when I discover her eating flour instead of the breakfast on her plate.

playdate crowd

We had a little playdate here this morning with two friends from Eve's preschool class. It was fun! Here they are eating fresh baked cookies.


The camera was a HUGE hit with her friends. They took a ton of pictures!



2 thoughts on “Our days in photos

  1. the movie of him reading with her melts my heart(is that an old lady thing to say?) how sweet.
    and the vids snowing, your kids are tough.

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