Cool train layout

The best part about the wooden train set is being able to build and rebuild them. So many people I know confine their tracks to a table, or even nail them down because “my kids keeps breaking the tracks.” I think that’s the best part! The kids (and grownups, sometimes) build for a day or so, play with the track for a day or so, then take it apart and start over. I think the construction is often more fun than the playing.

On that note, here is an awesome elevated layout that Alan and Lex built this morning. I’m not sure who’s idea it was to elevate the roundhouse and turntable, but it looks pretty cool!

train set

train set - 2


Lex on Eve

Eve on Lex

I tried to get a nice picture of Eve laying on Lex, but they quickly spiraled into a pile of silly giggles.

the whole track

The whole track

Here is a pretty boring video of them playing with the tracks. They insisted I make it and then they watched it a bunch of times, giggling the whole time, for no apparent reason. :)

Overall we had a nice quiet day. Alan got up with the kids so I could sleep in a bit. Yay! I managed to read the paper and exercise. Alan put the closet doors back on the closets in our room. Yay! Then he went to work (to make up for taking Friday off) and the kids and I played board games and read books and hung out. I asked if they wanted to go to the playground or something, since it was a beautiful day, but they both insisted on staying home. Eve spent the whole day in her PJs. All in all, a lovely Sunday!

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