Little Detectives

Lex reads a lot of Encyclopedia Brown and Magic Tree House books and lately he has started making his own “cases.” For example, yesterday he announced “The Case of the Missing Puzzle Piece” and proceeded to tell Eve the clues. Eve happened to know where the piece was and wanted to jump right to the solution, but Lex made her listen to all the clues first. Then she announced “The Case of the Missing Puppy” and ran upstairs to “solve” the case by finding puppy right where she had left it. :) They seem to like these detective games so at dinner I asked if they wanted their own notebooks to write down the clues. They were psyched! Eve even abandoned her dinner to get right to work. Not exactly my goal, but oh well.

Eve at work

Eve at work

Puppy the case

Puppy The Case - still working on proper word order, I guess.

This evening Lex grabbed his notebook for “The Case of the Wrong Puzzle Pieces” because he had built a big puzzle and decided some pieces were put together wrong. As he was writing “The Case… ” in his notebook, Eve fixed the puzzle. Haha! So his book says “The case” and then “Solved!” :)

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