Back in the water!

The kids were thrilled today to be back in the pool! We started lessons again today after taking the summer off to swim in outdoor water.

Lex in the pool

Lex in the pool! After a seriously painful case of red eyes last year, Lex decided to brave the goggles this time around. On the way back to the car he said "I think the goggles did a good job! My eyes feel fine."

Eve in the pool

Eve in the pool! Rocking the pink goggles! :) The boy on the left is also in her preschool class. That was a fun surprise.

I was a little bummed, again, by the scheduling situation. Two sessions ago (probably a year or so ago by now), Eve’s swim teacher said she was progressing rapidly and ready to move up a level. So I signed her up for the next level when we renewed. She was enrolled in the same class as Lex. They were super excited about it, but when we got to the first lesson we were told that there wasn’t enough room in his class, so they put her back in the preschool class again. She loves that teacher and was happy enough, but definitely not challenged. I was annoyed. This time they were offering a “preschool” class for newbies to the water and a “preschool 1” class to 3-4yr olds who were comfortable in the water. I signed Eve up for “preschool 1” of course, but when we got there today we found out that they didn’t have enough enrolled for both classes, so they combined them! Ugh! This time I was much more forward with the instructor (who, by the way, is awesome!) I told her that I felt the last session was a waste of money for Eve and I was frustrated by that. She said “Let’s see what the mix is in this class.” Turns out the “mix” was Eve and another somewhat confident kid, then a bunch of kids afraid of the water. Ugh. After the lesson ended her instructor went over to the lesson coordinator and then came to me and said “Eve definitely needs to be moved up!” She said the coordinator was going to see who should could move around to make room in Lex’s class for Eve.

We swam and played for awhile and on the way out I stopped to chat with the coordinator to offer her some flexibility in lesson times. Turns out she was already working on it. She had discussed with another kid and his mom about moving him up a level to make a spot for Eve. So, as it stands now, Eve and Lex will be in class together for the remaining 5 weeks. Yay!! I hope, hope, hope nothing changes when we get back next week. If she is back in the preschool class I think I’m going to ask for my money back and un-enroll her, but I hope it doesn’t come to that. They are once again very excited to be in class together :)

Floating Eve

Floating Eve. She later tried to do a somersault in this splash pool and hit her head on the bottom. I tried not to laugh.

Swimming away

They were together. So close. I tried to get a picture of them. It would have been adorable. Instead they said "No!" when the saw the camera and immediately swam away. Buggers!

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