The greatest train set ever!

Today was like Christmas in September. A dream come true. For Lex. A guy I know was selling his kids’ train set. Apparently they don’t play with it. Crazy, huh?! He said he had a bunch of track pieces and engines. I picked them up this afternoon and found he also had a roundhouse and turntable! Lex has been asking for those two things forever! Imagine how excited he was when he came home to this:

new trains

This is just the new stuff!

VERY excited! That’s how excited he was! He has thanked me about a thousand times this afternoon and evening. He said it is the greatest train set ever! He has been pretty lovey lately, but today he couldn’t tell me enough how much he loved me and his new train set. He is so sweet. Guess what he did all afternoon?



laying the first tracks

Laying the first tracks. Lex told me that the round house is "even better than the one at the toy store!"

gaining steam

Gaining steam, the track is growing.


Spencer, Lex's new favorite engine.

Eve made it for awhile with the trains and then lost interest, moving instead to the box the engines came in. She took out her markers and decorated the “car.” Then we made construction paper money, which she put in her purse and went grocery shopping with Snoopy Dog. :) They both did a fabulous job entertaining themselves this afternoon. I floated back and forth between them and just relaxed for the afternoon.

decorating the car

Eve working hard to turn a cardboard box into a car so she could go grocery shopping.

Believe it or not, the evening got even better. I’ve been cleaning out, organizing, sorting baby stuff from storage and the other day I brought out a box of bath toys I had put away. The kids were thrilled in the tub tonight. Their favorite toy was a floating xylophone, which consists of six interlocking pieces. They split it in half and made “music” and sang and had a blast. I tried to get a video but they got pretty quiet when they saw the camera.

in the tub

Playing music in the tub.

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