An applicious weekend

We celebrated the start of fall with a trip to a new apple orchard.  New to us anyway.  They had a petting zoo and delicious homemade donuts (YUM!!) and tons of apples.  We went with the neighbors, brought a picnic lunch, and had a great time.  Now we are thinking of ways to use two giants bags of apples.  Today we made apple pie and caramel apples, tomorrow will be applesauce and apple butter… hopefully some apple spice cake in there too!

petting a sheep

Eve was nervous about petting the sheep, but she happily followed Parrish over.

smart cow

This smart cow knows that the food comes from that little machine. She was right there whenever a kid went over and she stayed afterwards and licked the machine! Even inside the door. Smartie cow.

goat on a table

Lex took a few minutes to work up the courage, but eventually pet the goat.


This farm had lots of peacocks. None spread their feathers for us though :(

wagon ride

We rode the wagon up to the orchards. The kids were excited :)

boys in a tree

Boys in a tree


Eve picking apples

lex in a tree

Lex in a tree. He climbed every tree he could!

smiling eve

Smiling Eve

two kids

I tried to get a picture of them together, but this is the best I got. Some day maybe they will both smile and pose at the same time for me!

lex eating apples

The kids ate lots of apples. Well, we all ate lots of apples! When I was packing the picnic in the morning, Lex said, "Why are you packing lunch? Can't we just eat apples for lunch?" :)

eve and robina

Robina was helping Eve pick apples (while I took pictures!) A few minutes prior to this picture we saw a snake slithering around. Moments before this picture Eve dropped an apple on the ground and said, "We'll just let the snake eat the apple." Robina is laughing at the inadvertent biblical reference.

skirt pocket

"It's like a pocket" said Eve, when she realized she could carry apples in her skirt. Like the fancy outfit she chose for apple picking?

two bushels

Two bushels of deliciousness!


I commented on the delicious smell of donuts when we first got there and the rest of the time Eve kept asking, "Where's my donut?" After lunch she finally got her donut and they were gooooood!

three little apples

Three little apples

nice view

Nice view! (and I love the lone apple on the floor of the wagon)

silly people

I don't even know how to caption this one.

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