Smart girl

Eve is getting rave reviews from her preschool teacher. She came home the first day calling her teacher Jeff, which surprised me, so the next morning I asked him if that’s what he told the kids to call him. I think she heard me saying it to Alan one day because I couldn’t remember his last name. Anyway, he said he introduced himself as Mr. and that’s what the rest of the kids call him, but Eve calling him by his first name seems to amuse him. He told me a story (and apparently found it so amusing he told his wife about it as well :) ) that when he was helping one of the teaching students cut up strawberries for snack Eve came over and said “Oh Jeff, I don’t like strawberries.” The student looked at him with big eyes and said “She just called you Jeff!” :) That cracked him up. When he told me the story I laughed because she loves strawberries! She’s so funny. In that conversation he kept telling me what a smart girl she is, and so verbal, and funny, and just a pleasure to have in class. Nothing new there, right? :) But I do like hearing it from others!

She loves school and was sad on Friday that she didn’t get to go again. We call it “three year old preschool” (to differentiate from the PreK Lex went to last year), so I told her three year old preschool is just three days a week. Every day she asks if it’s Tuesday yet :)

Lex brought home homework on Friday (HA!) that was a game to help the kids learn shapes (HA!) and we all had fun playing (HA!). Seriously though, Lex and Eve had fun even though they both are very good with shapes already. I could probably leave her in kindergarten and she’d be fine :)

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