Driving a Prius!

Have you heard the expression, “when it rains, it pours?” Well we have some serious weather over here!! The latest downpour, and hopefully the last, is that our 10yr old Saturn needed to be replaced. Alan drove home Tuesday night with loud rattling noises and other not right stuff. Brought it to the mechanic and was given a fatal diagnosis. Something about metal flecks in the engine… or something. So we needed to buy a new car, asap. This is a tough job as it is, but add in additional bankruptcy paperwork and the impending Labor Day long weekend and we were sweating this process. Fortunately Alan was able to find a good car and work a good deal, then our credit union and bankruptcy people were quick moving, and we were able to buy the car at 4:30pm on a Friday afternoon! Whew! Mostly a relief that we don’t have to think about this for three days and then continue the process on Tuesday. Now we can breath and maybe even relax for a few minutes before we have to deal with something else.

new car

Our shiney new (to us) car.

reading the manual

Happy Alan reading the manual to Eve.

I also added a few new quotes from the kids.

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