Check out my new garden work! I spent the morning transplanting irises (after spending two days digging them up and separating them!) I didn’t want them back in the same bed, so I put some in the front garden, some by the mailbox, and many, MANY more in plastic bags to give away! :) I can’t believe how many were packed into that tiny space.

pool full of irises

As I separated them I threw them into our kiddie pool. It filled the pool and then some!

mailbox flowers

New foliage around the mailbox.

front garden

There was a bare spot in this front garden (not sure why), so I put some irises there as well.

Now for the day three update. Tired of this potentially never ending story yet? I got Lex to look at the table tonight before he scurried upstairs. I made the most basic kid-friendly meal possible – Annie’s DW mac & cheese, steamed broccoli, and fried tofu, with carrots and cucumbers on the side, both veggies he normally eats, but he wasn’t interested. Oh well. He was quiet upstairs and went to bed without much fuss. Though he did say “I’m ready for this new meal plan thing to be over with soon!” :) I told him it would not be over with anytime soon and once again encouraged him to work with me to find meals he might be willing to try. Guess what he said?! NO! Sigh. At least the rest of us are eating well. Eve loved the mac & cheese, which in the past she would never taste because he wouldn’t either. She ate that and broccoli and was happy.

However, the lack of dinner doesn’t appear to be affecting his brain power. Check out the train setup he made today. It’s the first time I’ve seen him raise the station and build tracks under it. Cool, huh?! Earlier today he was elevating all of the tracks with random things, like flipped over cars and monster truck tires. It was awesome to watch him experiment. He even put the station on the end table at one point and had hills going over the arm of the couch and down to the cushions. He was excited about that, but took it down when I told him he couldn’t leave it that way over night. Where would I sit?! :) So he rebuilt on the floor.

tracks from the front

tracks from the back

2 thoughts on “Irises

  1. I am not tired of it at all. Every day I’m filled suspense if today was the big day!!!!!!
    Plus it gives an excuse to blog every day. And ya gotta know that makes me happy.
    Wonder when the break point will be. Good luck and happy eatting!

  2. I’m with Joyce… who needs soaps… I just read this little saga and am happy with that. I wish I could put some irises in, but it’s just to crazy right now to think about planting… cuz we gotta get rid of some crappy shrubbery too. Keep the updates coming.

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