Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

Please make it stop!!! Just kidding! It’s
been snowing for days now and it feels like winter should be
over by now… but wait, it’s only just begun! Happy Winter!
It’s actually been really nice snow. A lot of it, of course,
but its light and fluffy and not too windy, so we’ve been
having fun playing outside. Today I bundled them both up for
some outdoor fun. Eve ended up angry because our neighbor was
not home (she really wanted him to come out and play!) but Lex
had a blast. We walked around the yard for awhile (that in and
of itself is an adventure!) then up and down the street, then
headed into the back yard to play on the “snow slide” and try
to find the picnic table. I think I need to get Lex a scarf
though. He spent the entire time licking the top of the zipper
on his snow suit. Almost every photo I took has him with his
tongue out. Crazy kid! I’ve been lucky so far that they seem to
get bored/cold/tired/whatever after 30-45 minutes, which
coincides with when I’m getting bored/cold/tired/whatever :) So
we all go in and have warm chocolate milk and life is

A little
boy in the front yard.

Down he goes!

I tried
to get a picture of them sitting together on the picnic table
(see it?) I don’t know why I ever bother trying to orchestrate
pictures of them sitting together… it never

She sat
patiently for awhile while I tried to talk him in to joining

And as
soon as he headed for the bench, she started crying. I, of
course, snapped a quick picture then consoled

Down the
snow slide! This swing-set is an awesome four-season


kids trudge home.



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